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January 27, 2019

Let Me Introduce You to Jeffrey Epstein – and Friends!

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This blog is about Jeffrey Epstein. In case you have never heard of this man, he is a billionaire hedge fund manager, a personal friend of Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Kevin Spacey – and a serial pedophile. He came onto my radar screen a few months back, and since the story being reported about him (on non-mainstream media outlets) was so horrific, I was confused as to the lack of reporting of on it by the conventional media networks and newspapers.

Then finally, The Miami Herald posted an amazing piece about Epstein on November 28, 2018.  Here is the Link to Their Story (you need to scroll down on their site to read the article).

I was incensed after reading the details included in the Herald’s investigative story, so I wrote to several mainstream journalists who I thought might follow up on the article.  I contacted Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Jeff Zuker (president of CNN,) Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes and other hosts at MSNBC. I also contacted Ronan Farrow at The New Yorker.  The silence was defining.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when Joe Scarborough covered it in some detail on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC on December 6, 2018.

For those of you who do not know who Jeffrey Epstein is, here is an introduction, in no real order of importance:

  1. He is a billionaire hedge fund manager
  2. He is a 66 year old pedophile
  3. He ran a child sex ring (and still may be doing so)
  4. His primary residence is on the private island he owns in the US Virgin Islands, called Little St. James (which he has nicknamed Little St. Jeff)
  5. He has a personal jet that he named the “Lolita Express,” and which he uses to transport young girls between various locations
  6. He has other residences in Manhattan, Palm Beach, Sante Fe and Paris
  7. His friend Bill Clinton has been on the Lolita Express at least 26 times
  8. His friend Donald Trump once stated that Jeffrey “likes them young,” and Jeffrey is a member at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort in Palm Beach, Florida
  9. His friend Keven Spacey was a frequent traveler on the Lolita Express
  10. He personal attorney is Alan Derschowitz
  11. He has powerful friends in both the media and entertainment (perhaps the reason that the mainstream media and the cable news outlets do not cover stories about him)
  12. He has influential allies on both sides of the political aisle
  13. He has powerful friends around the world, including Prince Andrew of England (the Prince is embroiled in his own controversy in England related to having sex with one of Epstein’s sex slaves)

With that background, here is what Jeffrey Epstein did and probably still does:

Between the years 1998 and 2007—and possibly even earlier—Epstein was involved in a sex ring that involved paying minor girls from $200-$300 each to perform sexual massages for him, nearly every day, and then he would have these same girls recruit even younger girls to do the same.  During these massages, girls as young as 13 told police they were instructed to get undressed, at which time Epstein would masturbate or penetrate them with his fingers, a vibrator or his penis.

By the time Epstein was arrested in 2008, police in Palm Beach County, Florida, had already spent months monitoring his movements and interviewing potential victims and witnesses. Police reported to prosecutors that they had gathered enough evidence to charge the money manager with several felonies, including lewd and lascivious molestation and unlawful sexual activity with minors.

So, Epstein did what the mega-rich do in these situations – he hired OJ Simpson attorney, Alan Derschowitz, who vigorously defended Epstein.  Derschowitz, also implicated in the Epstein sexual abuse activity, reportedly had witnesses followed and he discredited the alleged victims by using their social media pages as evidence of their supposed drug use and scandalous behavior.

The U. S. Attorney in Florida, Alex Acosta, the prosecutor on the case, wrote in an opinion that it was better to have a billionaire serve a short time in jail, register as a sex offender, and pay his victim restitution, rather than risk a trial with an unknown outcome.  This would appear, although I have no exact proof, to be white privilege and white justice at its finest.

So, after a decade of the alleged serial sexual abuse of an estimated 80-100 known victims (and an unknown number of other victims), the New York banker was offered a deal. He was charged in a 2008 conviction with a single count of soliciting a minor. He was sentenced to an 18-month stay in a Palm Beach county jail.  He served only 13 months of that sentence, in a special private wing of the jail, and he was allowed to return to his posh Palm Beach office for up to 16 hours a day under a work release agreement.

Anyone else convicted of the alleged crimes would have spent the rest of their life in a Federal prison.

I applaud the Miami Herald for their investigation and the subsequent reporting.  Another positive action is that Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska has recently called upon the Department of Justice for an investigation to determine why such a lenient treatment was given to Epstein for the alleged crimes committed.  Others have called for an investigation into international sex trafficking charges, since some of the young girls brought to Little St. James were from other countries.

There have been suggestions made by reporters that the “slap on the wrist” might be due, at least partially, to the “little black book” that Epstein allegedly kept, and the suggestion that video tapes exist that record the activities of the various rich and famous guests who arrived on the Lolita Express for a party on Little St. James Island.

For my part, I wonder why Donald Trump never brought up Bill Clinton’s personal association with Jeffrey Epstein during his campaign against Hillary Clinton. The details of the Epstein case were public information as early as 2008, and certainly, this is the type of material that the Trump campaign would have loved to use. Was it because Trump was also vulnerable?  Perhaps both parties entered into some back-room agreement to keep this all of this hidden, avoiding embarrassment to everyone.

To add to the intrigue, Alex Acosta, the U. S. Attorney who let Epstein off with an insignificant punishment in 2008, was appointed Secretary of the Labor Department by Donald Trump, the agency that is responsible for monitoring human sex trafficking.  Yup, just another “we only hire the best” selection.

Sadly, money and power rule in this country.  We can only hope that the truth will come out some day, and there will be some form of justice for these young girls, who are now young women.

If this blog post peaks your interest, there are several articles about Epstein on the internet, including a documentary titled Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein.

For my part, I believe it is important to keep talking and writing about anyone who is involved in childhood sexual abuse. If we don’t do that, we run the risk of becoming numb to this behavior, normalizing pedophilia and having the perpetrators become nothing more than caricatures.

Our children deserve so much better.






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