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March 17, 2014

Part 2 – Selections from My Gratitude Jar

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The Blessings in Cancer

As I thought about the next item to put in my Gratitude Jar  – the idea of cancer came to mind.  And in case most of you think I have lost my mind, I really haven’t.  Like many of you, I have had many challenges in my life, and in the end, they all provided valuable lessons.  I believe having cancer will turn out to be my greatest teacher.

I have decided to pursue a holistic approach to my healing, and have undertaken a program to educate myself about nutrition, energy healing, cellular oxygenation, infrared treatments and a variety of other healing modalities from around the world.

I am grateful for the information I have gathered so far, and even more thankful for the lessons I have learned.  I am sure more will unfold as I go through this process.  I am sharing some of my experiences, as I believe they can be valuable to all of us, whether or not we are going through a medical challenge, or trying to avoid one.

I have now come to believe that both healing from disease and preventing disease occurs on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  These are three of my observations:

1. Physical Level.  My research has led me to believe that nutrition plays an extremely important part in our health – and in the development or prevention of disease.  A significant portion of our food source comes from genetically-modified plants and antibiotic-injected protein, and our ground water supply has become polluted through the dumping of factory waste and the use of fertilizers and pesticides.  One has to make a concerted effort to avoid, or at least counterbalance, the effects of the toxicity in our world.  A healthful diet, with real-food supplementation, seems to provide the best solution we have today.

2. Emotional Level – Physical health or chronic disease often has at its core an emotional component.  The toxic people and situations in our life are as poisonous as any chemicals we ingest through our food sources. In order to heal, or stay healthy, one needs to let go of these type of individuals and activities, release any negative thoughts about the same, and “let it go” with love and forgiveness. Although this can be a painful process, I have discovered by doing this I have left an opening for more supportive, kind and loving individuals and circumstances to come into my life.

3. Spiritual Level – A big part of healing, or staying healthy, is having a positive attitude and staying grounded in whatever belief system sustains you.   I know that can be a difficult task, especially if you are in the midst of a health challenge.  I think it is important, as best we can, to maintain an air of hope and optimism in our life, no matter what our circumstances.  I am trying to do this by placing a positive focus on my own healing and surrounding myself with people who support me.  It also helps to share my journey with others, and to remember to stay in a place of gratitude for all I have in my life.

Yes, I am grateful to this thing we call cancer – as odd as that may seem.  I now view my world in a different light – one that is clearer and more focused.  I do not know for sure if that would have happened without my diagnosis. My hope in sharing this post is that people will take a moment to ask themselves if they are taking charge of their own health and their individual well-being, so that they do not bring some form of “dis-ease” into their life.

I don’t know where this journey will take me – although I do know that I am on the right path, at least for now.

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March 1, 2014

Part 1 – Selections from My Gratitude Jar

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The Blessings in Receiving

One of the challenges I decided to take on during my encounter with breast cancer was to reach out – and be willing to receive whatever came back.  Sounds so simple, yet it is difficult when you have spent your entire life being a “doer” and a giver.  If I am to be totally honest, maybe I was worried that no one would respond.  Boy, was I mistaken. I am still amazed at the response I received from people.  Friends took me to doctor visits, cooked for Angela and I, took care of my little dog Stewie, sent flowers, baked cookies, came and sat with me, cried with me, did research for me – and let me know daily how much they cared.

The acknowledgments I make below are in random order, and they have no bearing on the level of appreciation for the efforts made by each person.

Angela – Thank you, My Dear.  I cannot adequately put into words how amazing you were as you went through three surgeries and hospital stays with me. I imagine it was difficult for you, as I know you thought you might be losing me.  But you were a trouper throughout it all, and I can see you came out stronger yourself.

Bev – Thank you for the constant, unwavering love and support that can only come from a friend of 60 years, from the beautiful state and the beautiful people of Minnesota.

Kaila – Thank you for walking me through the emotional aspects of this process, and sharing the specifics of your very personal journey with breast cancer.  And most of all, thank you for supporting me in the decisions I am making.

Denise – Thanks for pushing me forward and onward, for reliving some of the emotions you encountered with your own breast cancer, and for going with me to the doctor’s appointments to make sure we heard the same thing.

Michele – Thank you for both the human food and the soul food you provided – and for understanding that all of this is really not about cancer.

Michael – Thank you for sending so much light into my life – and for the Minnie Mouse pajamas!

Wanda – Thank you for reminding me about the importance of receiving, and for the love that you and Mike sent from Oregon.

Angie – Thank you for creating a prayer circle for me in the Desert, and for doing weekly healing meditations with me on the phone.

Anna and Victoria – Thank you for giving Stewie the love and attention he needed when I wasn’t home, and a sacred place to stay overnight, when he was more than a little scared.

Jennifer – Thank you for wanting to be part of my family, and for the sunflower arrangement you sent that is so reminiscent of you and the sunshine (at least in summer!) in Massachusetts.

Catalina and her family – Thank you to my adopted family in Washington for all your love and concern, and for including me in your daily worship.

Christie and Jim – Thank you for the Wisconsin love and the yellow roses, and a reminder of what “my people” are really like.

Kris and Paul – Thank you for the gifts from Palm Springs – including flowers, cookies and love!

Barb – Thank you for your guidance and support from Washington – it was as though you were right here next to me.

Rosemary – Thank you for the information you gathered and sent me from your home country of Australia, and the love and intention that came through in each of your messages.

Linda, Donna, Grace and all my “Belle” friends – Thank you for the flowers, cards, visits, phone calls and the type of support that only a group of women can provide.

Darlene and Anthony – Thank you for being the kind neighbors who brought over flowers and food, and research material to assist me with my choices.

Rudy – Thank you for letting me know you went to church every Saturday to pray for me, and for being man enough to cry in front of me.  I was so moved.

George from Japan, Anna from New York and Diane from Colorado – Namaste to my healing friends from places far away

Thank you to all!

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