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December 12, 2010

Another Shout-Out of Appreciation

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Thanks to Rick Kuhlman, for the generosity of spirit he displayed in the wonderful testimonial he wrote for my book.

“Marion’s brave book comes out of the shadows of what we are not comfortable talking about and invites us into her honesty. This book had me thinking about people in my past who sent confusing messages, and now I feel that they may have been suffering silently all along. A strong, simple book of courage that speaks out about the complex human experiences of growing up scared.” Richard Kuhlman, Actor, Director and Writer, Los Angeles, California

I know Rick has a very busy schedule in Los Angeles, so it is an honor for me that he took the time to read my book and comment on it. I met Rick when he was directing a play, and I found him to be a very kind and generous man. I must say that his Facebook picture belies the devilish little boy that is just beneath the surface, ready to come out and play and entertain us all. Rick is a great actor and an incredible writer and director, and he recently landed a role in an indie feature film, The Discarded Boyz, which will be directed by Robert Townsend. He plays the head of an alternative school in North Carolina for end-of-the-line gang bangers and delinquents. Can’t wait to hear that accent!

Rick is a Second City (Chicago) alumni, and you probably have seen him in one of his many television appearances on Seinfeld, Moonlighting, Tales from the Darkside, Spin City and many others. He even played himself on Family Guy! You can find out more about Rick on his professional site¬†or you can request to become his friend on Facebook (don’t tell him I sent you!).

Thank you, Rick.

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