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March 17, 2012

A Note from “Rosie from California”

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I have been away from my website the past month, dealing with a variety of personal issues. What a treat it was to return to my blog and find the following message posted, which the author agreed to share.

“First of all, thank you for writing your book, second for coming to our class at Oxnard College, and lastly, thank you for opening up and sharing your testimony with all of us. I read your book and loved it. I was leery and hesitant in reading it because of my own similar past experiences, but I am glad I got the courage to read it.

It brought me so much pain but yet so much validation and truth and release, all at the same time. I too had an alcoholic father and a very abusive mother. But oh how I loved her so. I was the oldest of six and had to help raise my siblings and mother too. She was very ill but yet still worked very hard to support all six of us by herself. I was born in the 50’s so you understand the parenting rituals of the parents back then. I am almost 60 years old and I am going to Oxnard College and taking courses of Alcohol and Drug Addictions, which have helped me so much, as well as your book. Thank God for my teachers there and for you, to help me finally see the truth, and myself, and most of all my mother and father and the reasoning behind their neglect and abuse. I thought I had overcome and survived it all when I never drank or did drugs or was like my mother. But I am finding out 50 years later that I am somewhat like my mother and I did not really overcome my issues. I just learned to hide them very well. And from time to time there are triggers and I find myself crying and feeling depressed. So because of you and my teachers, I am finding myself and getting help so that I can someday help others, just like you. Thank You, Marion…God Bless and much love… Rosie from California.”

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