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February 25, 2019

The Pope Called Me “A Friend of Satan”

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The three day Papal Summit regarding “Sexual Abuse of Children” in the Catholic Church just ended on February 24th in Rome.  It did not get out off to a really great start – or a great ending.

First Pope Francis made a public statement the day before the summit, declaring that those who were criticizing the church were the “friends or relatives of Satan.”  This statement appeared in several international new sources. Then, on the eve of the summit, he did not appear for what was to be a meeting with adult survivors of abuse, who had travelled to Rome, to express their concerns to the Pope.

In the end, the summit turned out to be a big “nothing burger.” As one reporter stated, it was a lot of “thoughts and prayers” and little action.

Many organizations and individuals (including people like me) who have been critical of the church’s handling of this worldwide scandal were hopeful the church leadership would come up with a solid plan to deal with past abuses, and equally as important, put in place preventative measures to avoid future atrocities.

One interesting revelation made during the summit was from a Cardinal from Germany, who divulged that many of the records of abuse in that particular country were either destroyed or not committed to writing.  Experts suggest this may be a worldwide policy.

Advocacy groups have been pushing the Vatican to adopt a “No Tolerance” policy.  Sadly, this did not happen at the recent summit.  My recommendations for actions that need to be taken by the Vatican include the following:

  1. Allow outside law enforcement to get involved in any alleged sexual abuse crime by a member of the Catholic organization
  2. Not allow the Church to rely on the cover of Papal Canon Law and Pontifical Secrecy to be the first course of action (and oftentimes the only) under which a victim can report a crime
  3. Advise all parishioners that the above policies have been adopted and are supported by the Vatican
  4. Immediately remove a priest from a parish, and from being able to minister, if an allegation of any form of impropriety is made – and not just move him from parish to parish
  5. Require that the church release all the records of know sexual predators, and those members of the hierarchy who covered up their crimes, to outside law enforcement for possible prosecution.
  6. Change the rules regarding priests not being able to marry
  7. Allow female priests to be ordained

Without at least some of these suggestions being undertaken, it appears that that Church has once again dug in its heels and put its head in the sand. We will have to wait once more to see what future actions they do take, if any.

Although I was raised as a Catholic, I long ago gave up the idea of heaven or hell, a concept Pope Francis speaks of frequently.

Therefore, I can only ponder what will happen when he dies, and he takes a ride to the Pearly Gates in his Pope Mobile, wearing his long dress, his wizard hat and his alpha-sized cross necklace.  How will he respond when God asks him about the hundreds of thousands of children under his watch who were subjected to sexual abuse?  And so, I believe I need to send Papa Francis lots of “hopes and prayers.” Perhaps the judgment he receives will be more compassionate than the treatment of the children whose lives have been damaged.

And about that little matter of the Pope thinking I am a “friend of Satan” – I wear that like a badge of courage!

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February 12, 2019

I’m Tired of the Lies from Politicians – and the Media

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February 8, 2019

It Starts With A Few Well-Placed Lies!

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I think this election cycle is going to be particularly nasty, as some of the right-wing media outlets are already attempting to attack the availability of a safe and legal abortion.  Many of them are throwing out “red meat” comments about Roe v. Wade, the precedent law in place since 1973 that established the right to obtain a legal abortion. Most of their statements are inflammatory, caustic, blatant lies. I think it is important that we all be aware of this, so that we are not caught up in the fear, anger and intimidation that may result from listening to those falsehoods. Recent polls reflect that from 71% to 75% of the American public wants safe, legal abortion to remain in place in our society, as it is now provided for by Roe v. Wade.  While many citizens may choose to never use abortion services themselves, they also do not wish to deny this service to others who may.

The most vocal (but not all) of the resistant to society’s desires on this matter is coming from the Evangelical religious community on the far right of the political spectrum.  Ironically, the most vocal of these voices are coming from men.

To be perfectly clear (as I wrote about in a previous blog), I am an advocate for a woman’s right to be in charge of her body and her reproductive organs.

Things get more complicated for many women when you include the issue of abortion in the equation, and emotions often ride high when this topic is brought up. That is why I think we need to reframe the entire discussion about reproductive rights.

I also think it is vitally important that we adhere to the concept of the separation of church (religion) and state (the government) in our decision process.  The religious opinions of a vocal minority can not override the wishes of a society as a whole.

I developed two very simple guidelines about women’s reproductive rights, based on the principle of the separation of church (religion) and state (the government):

The Principal of Universal Reproductive Rights

  1. The choice of any women, who is philosophically or morally opposed to obtaining an abortion, shall be respected, as it is her absolute right to make that decision. If her religious practice governs what she can and not do with her body, she also has the right to follow that advice, for herself.  That belief shall not be imposed on any other individual.
  2. Any woman shall also have the right to exercise her choice to obtain legally sanctioned safe abortion services, if she is in a situation where choosing an abortion is the most appropriate, logical and viable course of action. No women shall be judged because of the choice she makes.

As I wrote down these ideas, I began to question, “Why it is so hard for all of us to apply the above principles and live our lives without the drama of fighting over abortion?”

And I soon came to realize that one of the reasons why we can’t seem to be able to reach a point of civility about this issue is because of the incendiary comments that have entered the media lately, such as “third trimester murder” and “killing live babies as they come out of vaginas” (and some even more egregious comments).

Those irresponsible declarations are nothing more that inflammatory statements made by some of the talking heads of the right wing, to engender shame and fear in the public. We have come too far in our journey in the fight for reproductive rights for women to allow these false and nonsensical comments to deter us.  Instead, we must let them become the impetus for us to fight even harder.

Because of the noise coming from the right-wing politicians, I know that there is concern on the part of some women that Roe v. Wade may be overturned by the Supreme Court.

Although this would be disappointing for those of us who marched for women’s issues in the 1970s, it would not be the end of the battle.  Although the changing of laws is always a possibility in our political climate, we need to be clear about what it would really mean. Even if the current law was overturned at the Federal level, the issue of legal abortions would be then be relegated back to each individual state to determine its legality in that jurisdiction.

In more free-thinking states like those on the West Coast and in New England (perhaps 28-30 in all) abortion would probably remain legal.

The sad realization is that abortion could become illegal in over 40% of the country (20-22 states).  Unfortunately, those states are some of the poorer, rural areas, where adequate health care is already problematic. The possibility of law changes includes many of the states in the South (Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, West Virginia), the center of the country (North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri) and the Western states of Arizona, Idaho and Utah.

On a brighter side of this story, even if these changes in the law happen (and I truly hope they don’t) those of us who believe in women’s rights, accessible health care for women, and treating women with dignity, will rise up and find a way to help our “sisters” in those less tolerant states.  We will work to find a facility in one of the more progressive states where they can obtain safe, legal abortion services.

So to those who want to impose their strident religious and political beliefs upon us, bring it on.

We will engage in a battle against you, wielding our feminine powers, our sense of justice and our compassion for all women.  And those qualities will prove much more powerful than the egos of those who are trying to impose their personal religious beliefs upon us.

And to the old, white men who are trying to take away our rights, please know we have a power you will never have.  A uterus!

We will not let The Handmaid’s Tale become a reality!


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February 6, 2019

Let the Fight Continue!

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Hello to everyone who believes that women should be in charge of their bodies.

I think the issue of free choice is going to be a major campaign issue this election cycle, and I believe the trigger was pulled last night.

So, I guess it’s time for us old-timer advocates to get involved – again.  Shake the ash off of your burned bras and start to speak up!

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February 2, 2019

Not One More Dime!

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Stephen Colbert – Please Read This Letter!

Concerned Catholics can get involved at “Not One Dime” –

Victims of abuse by priests or nuns can get support at the SNAP Network –

Fair Use Screenshot Courtesy of The Mindy Project


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January 30, 2019

The Nuns Are In On It Too?

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I was watching the media drama surrounding the situation that happened in Washington, DC with the boys from the Covington, Kentucky private Catholic high school.  I was somewhat struck by the degree of attention it was getting from the news outlets.  I mean, what can possibly go wrong when you put some entitled boys, acting stupid, without proper supervision, supporting a pro-life agenda and wearing MAGA hats, in a politically charged environment?

I understand that teenage boys can be jerks, and that often there is an assumed privilege that goes along with attending a private Catholic school.  These are annoying factors, yet they pale when compared to the real problems within the Catholic organization. I hope the Covington story does not distract anyone from continuing to address the most critical issue facing this Church.


And in case you think it only involves priests, CBS News broke a story three weeks ago, reporting on what is being called “the secret not yet told” – the growing number of allegations of sexual abuse by nuns. The Catholic Church has been plagued with high-profile sexual abuse scandals, but “pedophile nun” is a phrase many people have probably never heard before.

The sexual and physical abuse by nuns is apparently far more widespread than most people are aware of, and nuns have been uniquely protected by the inability of most people to believe that such things are possible. For years, without much success, the victims of abusive nuns have asked that these women of the cloth expose the truth about childhood sex crimes and the coverup by the women in these religious societies.

I have a passionate belief in the need for a change in the behavior of the hierarchy and clergy of the Catholic Church, and I am unabashedly and unapologetically proud of my stance.

I often hear the comment that “there are a lot of problems about the way children are treated in other religious organizations.”  This is a deflection away from the real issue, in my mind, and a way to detract from the topic I am trying to address.  I realize this problem is not unique to the Catholic Church, and so I applaud the work of anyone tackling this issue in other religious organizations, such as Leah Remini, who is exposing such practices in the Church of Scientology.

For me, since the Catholic Church is the single biggest known organized abuser of children in the world, it is where I have been focusing my resources the last few years.  There are some amazing groups and members within the Church, and many who have left the Church, who have been shining a bright flashlight into the darkest corners of the organization, and I am in total accord with what they are doing. 

Luckily, the efforts of these individuals and organizations are starting to pay off, including:

  1. Various dioceses around the United States are under financial pressure and to date, 22 have declared bankruptcy, since they are unable to pay off the multi-million dollar settlements awarded to the survivors of sexual abuse.
  2. As of today, 16 states have opened up criminal investigations against the Catholic Church dioceses in their states.  This is unprecedented, and it is a direct result of the disclosure in 2018 of the magnitude of the abuse in the state of Pennsylvania.
  3. Investigations into Catholic pedophilia have begun in over 30 countries around the world.
  4. Church attendance is declining – estimates are that only 1 in 4 Catholics now attend service.

I understand the issues raised by those who make the argument “But the Church is a beacon and guiding light for so many.” On the other hand, what is also true is the fact that the entire Catholic organization has a systemic problem that must be eradicated.  And so, I believe that Church members can hold these two separate truths in their hearts, at the same time.  They can cling to the spiritual foundation that serves them, without providing the financial support that keeps this abhorrent behavior alive.

Critics engage in deflection by saying “Yes, but all priests and nuns aren’t abusers.” And to them I reply “You are right, they aren’t, but that is not the point.  It’s not them I am worried about – my concern is with those who are!”

Everyone needs to find their passion and purpose, and I am proud to be able to lend my very small voice and my resources to this cause.   

It may take a village to raise a child. But it takes just one priest or nun to destroy their future.

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January 27, 2019

Let Me Introduce You to Jeffrey Epstein – and Friends!

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This blog is about Jeffrey Epstein. In case you have never heard of this man, he is a billionaire hedge fund manager, a personal friend of Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Kevin Spacey – and a serial pedophile. He came onto my radar screen a few months back, and since the story being reported about him (on non-mainstream media outlets) was so horrific, I was confused as to the lack of reporting of on it by the conventional media networks and newspapers.

Then finally, The Miami Herald posted an amazing piece about Epstein on November 28, 2018.  Here is the Link to Their Story (you need to scroll down on their site to read the article).

I was incensed after reading the details included in the Herald’s investigative story, so I wrote to several mainstream journalists who I thought might follow up on the article.  I contacted Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Jeff Zuker (president of CNN,) Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes and other hosts at MSNBC. I also contacted Ronan Farrow at The New Yorker.  The silence was defining.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when Joe Scarborough covered it in some detail on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC on December 6, 2018.

For those of you who do not know who Jeffrey Epstein is, here is an introduction, in no real order of importance:

  1. He is a billionaire hedge fund manager
  2. He is a 66 year old pedophile
  3. He ran a child sex ring (and still may be doing so)
  4. His primary residence is on the private island he owns in the US Virgin Islands, called Little St. James (which he has nicknamed Little St. Jeff)
  5. He has a personal jet that he named the “Lolita Express,” and which he uses to transport young girls between various locations
  6. He has other residences in Manhattan, Palm Beach, Sante Fe and Paris
  7. His friend Bill Clinton has been on the Lolita Express at least 26 times
  8. His friend Donald Trump once stated that Jeffrey “likes them young,” and Jeffrey is a member at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort in Palm Beach, Florida
  9. His friend Keven Spacey was a frequent traveler on the Lolita Express
  10. He personal attorney is Alan Derschowitz
  11. He has powerful friends in both the media and entertainment (perhaps the reason that the mainstream media and the cable news outlets do not cover stories about him)
  12. He has influential allies on both sides of the political aisle
  13. He has powerful friends around the world, including Prince Andrew of England (the Prince is embroiled in his own controversy in England related to having sex with one of Epstein’s sex slaves)

With that background, here is what Jeffrey Epstein did and probably still does:

Between the years 1998 and 2007—and possibly even earlier—Epstein was involved in a sex ring that involved paying minor girls from $200-$300 each to perform sexual massages for him, nearly every day, and then he would have these same girls recruit even younger girls to do the same.  During these massages, girls as young as 13 told police they were instructed to get undressed, at which time Epstein would masturbate or penetrate them with his fingers, a vibrator or his penis.

By the time Epstein was arrested in 2008, police in Palm Beach County, Florida, had already spent months monitoring his movements and interviewing potential victims and witnesses. Police reported to prosecutors that they had gathered enough evidence to charge the money manager with several felonies, including lewd and lascivious molestation and unlawful sexual activity with minors.

So, Epstein did what the mega-rich do in these situations – he hired OJ Simpson attorney, Alan Derschowitz, who vigorously defended Epstein.  Derschowitz, also implicated in the Epstein sexual abuse activity, reportedly had witnesses followed and he discredited the alleged victims by using their social media pages as evidence of their supposed drug use and scandalous behavior.

The U. S. Attorney in Florida, Alex Acosta, the prosecutor on the case, wrote in an opinion that it was better to have a billionaire serve a short time in jail, register as a sex offender, and pay his victim restitution, rather than risk a trial with an unknown outcome.  This would appear, although I have no exact proof, to be white privilege and white justice at its finest.

So, after a decade of the alleged serial sexual abuse of an estimated 80-100 known victims (and an unknown number of other victims), the New York banker was offered a deal. He was charged in a 2008 conviction with a single count of soliciting a minor. He was sentenced to an 18-month stay in a Palm Beach county jail.  He served only 13 months of that sentence, in a special private wing of the jail, and he was allowed to return to his posh Palm Beach office for up to 16 hours a day under a work release agreement.

Anyone else convicted of the alleged crimes would have spent the rest of their life in a Federal prison.

I applaud the Miami Herald for their investigation and the subsequent reporting.  Another positive action is that Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska has recently called upon the Department of Justice for an investigation to determine why such a lenient treatment was given to Epstein for the alleged crimes committed.  Others have called for an investigation into international sex trafficking charges, since some of the young girls brought to Little St. James were from other countries.

There have been suggestions made by reporters that the “slap on the wrist” might be due, at least partially, to the “little black book” that Epstein allegedly kept, and the suggestion that video tapes exist that record the activities of the various rich and famous guests who arrived on the Lolita Express for a party on Little St. James Island.

For my part, I wonder why Donald Trump never brought up Bill Clinton’s personal association with Jeffrey Epstein during his campaign against Hillary Clinton. The details of the Epstein case were public information as early as 2008, and certainly, this is the type of material that the Trump campaign would have loved to use. Was it because Trump was also vulnerable?  Perhaps both parties entered into some back-room agreement to keep this all of this hidden, avoiding embarrassment to everyone.

To add to the intrigue, Alex Acosta, the U. S. Attorney who let Epstein off with an insignificant punishment in 2008, was appointed Secretary of the Labor Department by Donald Trump, the agency that is responsible for monitoring human sex trafficking.  Yup, just another “we only hire the best” selection.

Sadly, money and power rule in this country.  We can only hope that the truth will come out some day, and there will be some form of justice for these young girls, who are now young women.

If this blog post peaks your interest, there are several articles about Epstein on the internet, including a documentary titled Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein.

For my part, I believe it is important to keep talking and writing about anyone who is involved in childhood sexual abuse. If we don’t do that, we run the risk of becoming numb to this behavior, normalizing pedophilia and having the perpetrators become nothing more than caricatures.

Our children deserve so much better.






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January 22, 2019

Memes-Catholic Church Abuse

Filed under: Catholic Church — Marion Witte @ 12:22 am

This is an album of 13 memes I prepared for use by any social media sites that are working to keep the awareness of the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal alive in the news.

Hopefully they will appear around the internet.

Feel free to scroll through these photos using the arrow keys. You can share any that are of interest to you by going to my Marion Witte Connection Facebook Page.

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December 30, 2018

WTF – When Is Enough Enough!

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I usually wait until my outrage over an issue has subsided before I post on my blog.  This is not one of those times.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General released a Grand Jury report related to continuing sexual abuse occurring in the Catholic Church.

The report states that “Church leaders protected more than 300 “predator priests” in six Roman Catholic dioceses across Pennsylvania for decades because they were more interested in safeguarding the Church and the abusers than tending to their victims. More than 1,000 young victims were identifiable from the church’s own records.  The main thing was not to help children, but to avoid scandal. Priests were raping little boys and girls and the men of God who were responsible for them did nothing: They hid it all.”

The report includes descriptions of priests engaged in rape and child pornography for decades, using “whips, violence and sadism,” and in one case joining together in a secret cabal of abusers. To add to the injury, the report contained accounts of bishops who had actively defended the accused priests.

Sadly, this is not really anything new – just more of the same.

Bishop Ronald Garner of the Harrisburg Diocese, who was cited in the report as having lobbied not to defrock offending priests, has issued this official statement on behalf of the Catholic Church:

“As part of our on-going need for repentance and healing, Bishop Gainer will celebrate a Mass for Forgiveness at 12 noon on Friday, August 17, in our Cathedral Church of Saint Patrick, 212 State Street, Harrisburg.”

To Bishop Gainer, I say, “enough with the fucking repentance and forgiveness – how about some change.”

As someone who was subjected to sexual abuse myself as a child, by a trusted person, the wounds from my past were reopened as I read this story. I have let many people know during my lifetime that my personal experiences left me with a “hole in my heart.”  I listened to some of the survivors telling their stories today, many of whom still cling to their faith, saying that they have been left “with a hole in their soul.” It was then that I could no longer hold back the tears, for I understand this at a deep level.

I left the Catholic Church at the age of 18, and am still in recovery from it. If I were still involved with that organization (or learned of any organization that operated a pedophile sex ring), I would be protesting and demanding change. Therefore, to the good Catholics who are sitting by silently, I ask “When you are going to wake up?”  If you stop going to Mass for six months, the Church would get your attention and perhaps do something to stop this legalized sexual abuse. Better yet, stop making your weekly donations.  Money is the power base of this organization, so such an action could bring the Church to its knees, and perhaps force it to take some real action to stop all of this, and not just issue statements about repentance and forgiveness.  Ugh.

Churches are much like families, in that the desire of the members to be part of a tribal situation often supersedes the willingness to speak up, tell secrets, and do the right thing.

For me it’s really very simple – you either give a fuck about kids, or you don’t!

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December 9, 2018

The Facialist

Filed under: MLM Blogs — Marion Witte @ 9:05 pm

I have noticed that strange people and and odd events seem to come into my life with some frequency, and sometimes I wonder why.  I have learned not to overthink it (too much), and to go with my intuition as I sort out what “really happened.”

Recently I went to a local salon for a facial appointment, my second time at this particular location.  The first time I visited the shop, I told the facialist that I was a two-time breast cancer survivor, so I didn’t want her to use any products on me that were hormonal in nature (estrogen, etc). She said none of hers had anything like that in them.

I enjoy this type of down time, as it can be very relaxing, so I was mildly disturbed when she was asking me some questions about whether I knew a lot of people in the area, and if I had connections in the county. I thought it was an odd topic for idle chatter, but I let it go at the time.

When my facial was over, she began to tell me how she has just started selling a new product (in addition to all her other facial products), and that she thought I could benefit from it.  She was using it herself, and she loved it, as it was helping with her sleep, hot flashes and energy level. I asked what it was, and she said it was a gel that you applied on your skin – no pills to take – and it was all natural.  She asked if she could spread some on my forearm, and then I could see if I felt any difference in a couple of hours.  My bullshit detector was already going off, but I thought “what the hell.” 

Then she asked if she could send me the link to the website where the product was sold, and perhaps I could take a look at it.  I said I was probably not going to be interested in it, although I would check it out.

When I got home, she had already sent me the information, so I looked at the name on the product label, only to discover that it was a Human Growth Hormone (HGH) product.  I then also realized it was one of the internet’s multi-level marketing companies.

If you have been through any form of cancer, and have done your research, you will discover that there is a lot of controversy about all the bio-identical hormone replacement therapy the Baby Boomers are engaged in.  The long-term effects are not yet clear, so I personally think one has to proceed with caution when using them.

If you have had breast cancer, there are certain hormones that medical researchers strongly suggest you avoid adding to your system, as breast cancer is often a hormone-driven disease. One of them is estrogen and any photo-estrogen products (like soy and gluten), and another is human growth hormone (HGH).

Therefore, my mild irritation with this woman turned to mild anger, as I started this text exchange with her:


To Facialist:

I think I mentioned to you that I previously had breast cancer, and I was concerned about what products were used on my skin.   Two of the oncologists I have worked with have advised me that no women who has breast cancer, had breast cancer, or is at risk for breast cancer should ever be taking HGH.  They sent me links to the medical research in this area.

I suggest you exercise more caution when you are trying to sell this product to someone, without understanding its potential harmful effects.

In case I am not clear, I will not be purchasing this product.


To Marion:

Would you send me the link to the research your doctor sent you.  I would like to read it and have my uplink distributor read it.


To Facialist:

Here are the links to the research being done by the National Institute of Health, Oxford University and the University of Queensland. 

They have all concluded the HGH is a contributing factor in the development of breast tumors.


To Marion:

My uplink distributor says your research is more about injectable HGH and not the type of HGH we have in our product.


To Facialist – (actually I decided not to send this one):

I don’t give a fuck what your uplink distributor thinks.


To Facialst – (sent instead):

Let’s stop the texting war.

I offer the following advice to you, for free:

  1.  When someone is coming into you for a facial, don’t try and sell them any of your multi-level marketing products.
  2.  If you are going to sell these types of products, do your homework, so you do no harm.
  3.  From my past experience in running businesses, I discovered that when a customer has a disagreement with you, they are ALWAYS right.  Just say you are sorry for the confusion and that you meant no harm.

Finally, please cancel all my appointments at your salon, and have a nice life.


And so, maybe this whole chain of events happened so I would investigate this product, and share my research with others.  This particular multi-level marketing company, NewULife Corporation, appears to be targeting and soliciting estheticians (facialists), nurses, naturopaths and chiropractors to become part of their distribution network. 

Good news – after research, I discovered the product they are selling has no HGH in it. 

Bad news – the are selling a HGH product that has no HGH in it. 

I have posted a separate blog about this product.

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